Bottle Releases

2018 bottle releases:

Maginta (American Sour / Wild Ale with Beets and Ginger) / Release date: Friday May 25th,

This beer was based off a taproom favorite we did last year. I took some golden sour out of a wine barrel to make room for blood orange puree (what would become Acid Factory Sanguine – gose inspired BF/MF sour) and with the beer I removed we did some infusions of beets, ginger and basil. This bottle conditioned execution includes just the beets and ginger and it’s a very clean tasting sour with the ginger addition spicing it up. There’s subltle brett funk and lactic flavors in the finish that round it out nicely.

Barbera (Rosé style grape wine must beer hybrid sour ale) Release June 2018

Mixed ferm / Barrel ferm. High brix must only slightly purple. Beer finished golden. 8.7% strongest sour beer we’ve made to date.

Heliology (Smoked spiced sour ale) Release: May 25th 2018

Sometimes (BA Stout) Release June 2018



Introducing the Acid Factory: Our 2017 barrel fermented wild ale project.

Acid Factory Bottles
Acid Factory (2017 Barrel Fermented / Mixed Fermentation sour ales)