Intergalactic Peace Jelly Live Music

Legend has it that Intergalactic Peace Jelly came to life as more of an idea than a physical entity, but no one knows whose idea it could have possibly started as. Some say it has existed for all eternity; others claim it is the love-child of Rock n’ Roll and the Space-Time Continuum. All that is known for certain is that it descended upon Earth from the farthest reaches of the cosmos long before this planet was suitable for organic life, and here it waited patiently until the time was right to reveal itself.

In what humans refer to as the year 2015, it emerged, embodied in physical form by five young men from Colorado. The Jelly has been on the rise ever since, spreading the cosmic word of Rock and Roll to anyone and everyone willing to listen.

Join IPJ as they hurtle their jams into deep space and yank them crashing back to Earth. Prog, blues, funk, metal— nothing is off-limits.

They’ve toured just about every state within a thousand miles, and after a short break, they’re back and ready to melt your face once more.

Intergalactic Peace Jelly


JD Rodgers — Vocals/Guitar

Andrew Schuster — Vocals/Guitar

Devon Lindsay — Drums

Tom Burrish — Bass

The event is finished.


Dec 17 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Vision Quest Brewery
2510 47th St. Boulder, CO 80301

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