About Us

Adam and Greg
brewers, founders, Adam Kandle and Greg Kallfa

VisionQuest was brought about by necessity and 2 years in, has already far surpassed our initial aspirations.
In 2013 we realized that it wouldn’t be sustainable or legal to serve samples of our homebrew to customers at Boulder Fermentation Supply, our first business, without a brewery license and the necessary supply in a scale of commercial brewing. There were times when we saw kegs of beer consumed in less time than it took for a brew day, and many other examples of our homebrew being in constant demand.
We were asked hundreds of times when we would open a brewery. People demanded beer. We had to brew anyway. The soup people moved out of our current space at 2510 in 2014, and we’ll fill you in on the rest someday.
It’s kinda cliche but we brew what we like, and we also consider what someone else might want in their glass.
Intergalactic libations in the golden age of brews.
Adam and Greg

We opened our doors gradually in the summer of 2015. After brewery licensing was completed, we brewed and served our first batches of commercial beer in an under-construction setting while putting finishing touches on the space and our homebrew shop next door, Boulder Fermentation Supply. On December 12th, 2015 we held a grand opening party for VisionQuest and shortly after, our normally scheduled taproom hours went into effect!

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